Fire properties

Cryogel and Pryogel offer excellent resistance to flame spread and smoke emission. In actual hydrocarbon fires, they protect piping and equipment longer, which is critical to increasing the reaction time needed to respond to a catastrophic event.

Comparative test of 3 types of insulation materials

Aspen conducted several rounds of UL 1709 testing on Cryogel, PUR, and cellular glass. Test was conducted by exposing a 250 mm insulated pipe to 1100°C in a furnace, similar to a hydrocarbon fire. The time was recorded at which the underlying steel reachee its failure criteria of 650°C (1000°F). The test compared three types of materials at equal levels of thermal protection (similar to LNG application):

  • 102 mm PUR;
  • 127 mm Celularglass;
  • 57 mm Cryogel;